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McCune Scores Fifth-Career Anderson Speedway MSR Win

ANDERSON, Ind. – Jimmy McCune got one for the thumb Saturday night in Central Indiana, scoring his fifth-career Anderson Speedway winged sprint car win with Must See Racing after a furious duel around the quarter-mile oval.

McCune used a high-low switch to take the lead from polesitter and early-race leader Chris Neuenschwander on lap 17, holding serve throughout the remaining distance and fighting off long-time rival Brian Gerster in the closing stages.

Not only was the win McCune's fifth at Anderson, it was his personal-best sixth series win of the year and the record-extending 22nd of his MSR career.

While the win may have looked easy, McCune said it was anything but.

"I hope it was fun (for the fans to watch)," McCune laughed. "It was crazy out there. The car was good. It was just tough to figure out what guys wanted to do. Some wanted to run right through the middle and others wanted to run the top. It was just hard to pick and choose where they were gonna be."

"The last few laps, the race track was all oiled (down) ... about two car widths wide. It was treacherous and we were sliding around everywhere. I got there, but man, we were hanging on."

The only true nervous moments for McCune were on lap 22, when Christian Koehler spun out right in front of the lead pack and nearly collected him in the process, and inside of 20 to go when lap traffic was at its peak.

On both laps 31 and 34, Gerster had a chance to work to McCune's inside as the No. 88 was pinned in heavy traffic with no momentum, but both times McCune was able to find escape routes and get back in front.

Though Gerster fell .729 of a second short in the end, he too cited the oiled-down track as being a major factor as time wound down.

"The last five laps, somebody was dumping a ton of oil on the track and Jimmy was getting sideways ... I was getting sideways; it was crazy," Gerster said. "We had a decent night after messing up in qualifying, but we kept digging. We had a shot at the win a couple times. We just didn't get the job done."

Anthony McCune completed the podium in third, notching his fifth straight finish of fourth or better and his fourth podium in the last five races, followed by Chris Neuenschwander and Jerry Caryer.

Doug Dietsch, Charlie Schultz, Dameron Taylor, Tom Jewell and Brian Vaughn completed the top 10.

Jimmy McCune was the night's fast qualifier, scoring his seventh-career Abe's Auto Parts Time Trial Award with a lap of 10.710 seconds (84.034 mph) around the quarter-mile bullring.

Christian Koehler, Tom Jewell and Jerry Caryer won their respective 10-lap heat races.

The Must See Racing Sprint Car Series returns to action on Saturday, Aug. 19 with the running of the annual Engine Pro Fast Car Slash at Berlin Raceway.

RESULTS: Must See Racing Sprint Car Series; Anderson Speedway; Aug. 12, 2017

1-800-RADIATOR A-Feature (50 laps): 1. #88 – Jimmy McCune [4]; 2. #50m – Brian Gerster [5]; #8 – Anthony McCune [3]; 4. Chris Neuenschwander [1]; 5. Jerry Caryer [2]; 6. #0 – Doug Dietsch [6]; 7. #9s – Charlie Schultz [7]; 8. #5 – Dameron Taylor [10]; 9. #7 – Tom Jewell [9]; 10. #71 – Brian Vaughn [8]; 11. #10k – Christian Koehler [13]; 12. #B4 – Bronzie Lawson IV [11]; 13. #8A – Adam Biltz [14]; 14. #72s – Joe Speakman [12]; 15. #13 – HD Carter [15]; 16. #26 – Jeff Bloom [16].

Abe's Auto Parts Time Trials (best of two laps): 1. #88 - Jimmy McCune, 10.710; 2. #8 - Anthony McCune, 10.829; 3. #75c - Jerry Caryer, 10.900; 4. #10 - Chris Neuenschwander, 10.930; 5. #50m - Brian Gerster, 10.971; 6. #0 - Doug Dietsch, 11.136; 7. #9s - Charlie Schultz, 11.158; 8. #71 - Brian Vaughn, 11.216; 9. #7 - Tom Jewell, 11.226; 10. #26 - Jeff Bloom, 11.246; 11. #5 - Dameron Taylor, 11.313; 12. #B4 - Bronzie Lawson IV, 11.441; 13. #72s - Joe Speakman, 11.465; 14. #10k - Christian Koehler, 11.550; 15. #8A - Adam Biltz, 11.651; 16. #13 - HD Carter, 14.278.

Abe's Auto Parts First Heat (10 laps): 1. Christian Koehler ($100) [1]; 2. Joe Speakman ($50) [2]; 3. Dameron Taylor ($35) [4]; 4. Bronzie Lawson [3]; 5. Adam Biltz [5]; 6. HD Carter [6].

B&B Machinery Movers Second Heat (10 laps): 1. Tom Jewell ($100) [1]; 2. Charlie Schultz ($50) [3]; 3. Brian Vaughn [2] ($35); 4. Doug Dietsch [4]; 5. Jeff Bloom [5].

RAM Engineering Midwest Third Heat (10 laps): 1. Jerry Caryer ($100) [2]; 2. Chris Neuenschwander ($50) [1]; 3. Jimmy McCune ($35) [4]; 4. Brian Gerster [5]; 5. Anthony McCune [3].

Jacob Seelman, Managing Editor
Performance Motorsports Network, Radio Co-Host
Must See Racing, Series Announcer

Saturday August 12th at Anderson Speedway

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McCune Nabs Fifth Must See Sprint Win Of 2017 At Owosso

OWOSSO, Mich. -- The back-and-forth battle for Must See Racing Sprint Car Series supremacy continued on Saturday night at Owosso Speedway, with Jimmy McCune coming out on top with a dominant performance for his fifth series win of the year.

2017 owosso 3

McCune took the lead from Jeff Bloom on lap four and led the remaining distance in the David D. Mateer Memorial/Must See Fast 40, capturing the win by a staggering 6.459 seconds over Gerster at the checkered flag.

The final 35 laps of the feature ran uninterrupted, following a caution flag at lap five for a spinning Ike Beasley.

For McCune, Saturday's win was a welcomed shot in the arm after being beaten handily by Gerster in Must See Racing's 'Western Swing' double header a week prior.

"This was a badass race car and that was a badass performance tonight," McCune said of his 21st-career series win. "This piece was a rocket from the time we unloaded; we had such a fast race car. Once I got out front I could pretty much do whatever I needed to with it. Traffic was still a challenge ... the slower cars held their lines well, but around this place it's always tough because it's pretty tight. We made it happen again, though, and I'm proud of that."

Saturday's final result completed a sweep of the night for McCune, who set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 13.216 seconds and won his heat race before capturing the $2,500 winner's share in the David D. Mateer Memorial.

The event paid tribute to the late past president of American Racer Tires, David D. Mateer.

2017 owosso 2

Gerster chased McCune for the entire distance, but had to settle for second as McCune ducked further and further away into the Michigan night.

Bloom and Anthony McCune finished third and fourth, respectively, as the last two cars on the lead lap. Charlie Schultz completed the top five.

Beasley rallied from his early issues to post a sixth-place finish, ahead of Derek Snyder, Tom Jewell, Jerry Caryer and Bronzie Lawson IV.

2017 owosso 1

The Must See Racing Sprint Car Series returns to action on Aug. 12 at Anderson Speedway.

RESULTS: Must See Racing Sprint Car Series; Owosso Speedway; Aug. 5, 2017

1-800 RADIATOR A-Feature (40 laps): 1. Jimmy McCune, 2. Brian Gerster, 3. Jeff Bloom, 4. Anthony McCune, 5. Charlie Schultz, 6. Ike Beasley, 7. Derek Snyder, 8. Tom Jewell, 9. Jerry Caryer, 10. Bronzie Lawson IV, 11. Joe Speakman, 12. Adam Biltz, 13. Joey Irwin, 14. Chris Randolph, 15. Kevin Feeney, 16. H.D. Carter.

Abe's Auto Parts Time Trials: 1. Jimmy McCune, 13.216; 2. Brian Gerster, 13.286; 3. Charlie Schultz, 13.468; 4. Ike Beasley, 13.618; 5. Jeff Bloom, 13.631; 6. Anthony McCune, 13.636; 7. Derek Snyder, 13.835; 8. Jerry Caryer, 13.931; 9. Tom Jewell, 14.092; 10. Kevin Feeney, 14.250; 11. Chris Randolph, 14.355; 12. Joe Speakman, 14.442; 13. Bronzie Lawson IV, 14.575; 14. Adam Biltz, 14.654; 15. Joey Irwin, 15.428; 16. H.D. Carter, 19.783.

Abe's Auto Parts First Heat (10 laps): 1. Bronzie Lawson IV, 2. Adam Biltz, 3. Joe Speakman, 4. Chris Randolph, 5. Joey Irwin, 6. H.D. Carter.

B&B Machinery Movers Second Heat (10 laps): 1. Anthony McCune, 2. Tom Jewell, 3. Derek Snyder, 4. Kevin Feeney, 5. Jerry Caryer.

RAM Engineering Midwest Third Heat (10 laps): 1. Jimmy McCune, 2. Brian Gerster, 3. Charlie Schultz, 4. Ike Beasley, 5. Jeff Bloom.

All photos credit to CSP/Chris Seelman

Jacob Seelman, Managing Editor
Performance Motorsports Network, Radio Co-Host
Must See Racing, Series Announcer