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Pretty strong statement and it’s meant to be considering the extraordinary events at Oswego Speedway’s “King of Wings” event held on Saturday July 7th.


Must See Racing series officials would like to clarify their stance with regard to tires. At this past weekend’s event at Oswego Speedway, several XSS competitors shattered the track record during time trials, led by Jason Cox of Park City, Ill. with a time of 15.125 seconds. Following time trials, spectators heard several incorrect statements regarding the tires utilized by XSS competitors.

While it was asserted that the XSS utilizes trick “gumball” tires, this is far from reality. The American Racer right rear tires used in XSS competition is an American Racer 132, considered within the industry to be in the range of a “hard” tire. XSS officials provided sharp and unwavering oversight of the qualifying process and every car present was using the proper American Racer tire as required by series rules. Every XSS competitor at Oswego raced the full 30-lap feature with the same right rear tire on which the car qualified, consistent with series rules. At the conclusion of the feature race the durometer reading of the right rear American Racer tire of event winner Jimmy McCune was 65.

“When we selected American Racer tires for our series beginning with the 2011 season, we were guided by three principles,” said series president Jim Hanks. “We wanted a safe tire; we wanted a level playing field with a durable tire that could repeat through multiple heat cycles and a major tire cost savings for all of our competitors;. Through 20 series events the tire has proven itself on all counts: safety, quality, durability and affordability.

“Setting speed records was not, and has never been, part of the consideration for our choice of a series tire. However, the fact that one of the most durable and stable tires in our sport has shattered speed records at six of eight venues thus far this year is a testament to the dogged competitiveness of our teams, and to the overall quality of the American Racer product. “There is intense competition within the racing community that encompasses tracks, types of cars, and tire manufacturers. However, in the heat of such competition it is important for the integrity of the sport that the facts be maintained.”

Hanks and officials with the Xtreme Sprint Series welcome any inquiries and would invite all interested parties to contact the series office at (248) 762-1732

JULY 7, 2012


●The ISMA Supermodifieds qualified.

●The Must See Sprints Qualified, set a New Track Record and had five cars faster than the fastest Supermodified.

●Track management, before the last Sprint was off the track, instructed track announcer Roy Sova to announce that the only reason the sprints were faster was because “they weight 500 lbs less and they run on GUMBALL tires which is why some only completed one lap”

●This is a FALSE STATEMENT and FACTUALLY INCORRECT. -The weight difference is more like 315 lbs (depending on the weight of the Driver) - Must See Racing, by rule and at every track mandates an American Racer right rear that has a sticker durameter of 57-58 and was durametered after the feature at 65.

●Only two cars did not take two qualifying laps, one of which had a blown power steering line. ●Immediately after the Sprints qualifying track announcer Roy Sova announced the top three ISMA Supermodified qualifiers were going to REQUALIFY ON A SOFTER TIRE to attempt to get back the track record. They failed, in fact were slower than the original times.


●Why didn’t the track inform Must See Racing of this special addition to the program and schedule?

●Why didn’t the track and/or ISMA check the facts and truth about the Must See Tires which were right there in front of them.

●Why was a tire that is not officially manufactured by Hoosier Tire Company available at the track, mounted on ISMA Supermodified cars ready to requalify within minutes of the surprise announcement?

●Why didn’t the track give the provable, beyond a shadow of any doubt, fact that the ISMA Supermodified original qualifying tires were considerably softer than the Must See qualifying tires?



That is a very good question!
Oswego Speedway, Hoosier Tire and ISMA must have the answers.

Jim Hanks
Must See Racing


Oswego, NY - July 7, 2012 - Jimmy McCune claimed his first TRUFUEL Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series (MSRXSS) of the year Saturday night at the legendary Oswego Speedway before a packed house. The series was making its second appearance of a trip through the state of New York that began two nights earlier at Shangri-La II Speedway. The MSRXSS was participating for the first-time-ever at Oswego and the annual ' King of Wings ' event.
The fireworks began earlier in the night when Jason Cox bested the existing all-time track record of 15.198 seconds previously held by Supermodified driver Chris Perley. Cox turned a lap of 15.125 seconds to claim the new track record. There had been speculation all week from fans, media, and competitors leading up to the event as to whether or not a Sprint Car would break the track record. The MSRXSS is known as
 ' The Fastest Short Track Cars in the World ' and have broken the track record at 6 of 7 events entering Saturday's Oswego event. Cox's record breaking qualifying run drew a mixed reaction from the predominately Supermodifed fan base on hand.
After qualifying, track officials announced to the crowd that they would allow the two fastest ISMA Supermodifieds, Mike Lichty and Rob Summers, a chance to reclaim the track record. Each driver was given "gumball" tires that were far softer than the tires they qualified on in an attempt to reclaim the record. To the disappointment of the Supermodified faithful, the record would stand. It was now apparent to everyone in attendance that the Sprint Cars are far superior and arguably the baddest open wheel machines in the country, and now the Northeast.
Heat races were won by Jimmy McCune and Dave Baumgartner.
Pole sitter Dave Baumgartner lead the opening lap and surrendered the lead to McCune on lap two. McCune never relinquished the lead the remainder of the thirty-lap affair despite engine issues over the final seven circuits. McCune gave car owner Suellen Wilshe her third MSRXSS win of the 2012 season. A happy McCune explained what an up and down night he experienced. "On the start I spun the tires and got sideways a little bit. Baumgartner got a jump on me and I just followed in behind him. Once my tires came up to temperature I got a run on him down the backstretch and got past him going into three. After that I just made laps. I could see a lot of things going on. I could see what lap it was and couldn't hear anybody for a long time. We dropped a cylinder with probably eight or ten to go. I was thinking I'm gonna loose Oswego because this motor's gonna puke running away with this race" laughed McCune." But she stuck together and we won. I cant thank my guys enough. They worked their tails off all day" concluded McCune. Baumgartner finished second followed by Mike Larrison, Aaron Pierce, and Jacob Wilson rounding out the top five.
New track record holder Jason Cox struggled to a ninth place finish after starting tenth." It was a one groove racetrack and you couldn't get on the outside to pass anybody" explained Cox." Everybody was pretty much equal. Where you started was pretty much where you finished. It was pretty much one of those bummer races, but that's what you gotta do sometimes".
The race went green to checkered with two lead changes. There were eleven cars on the lead lap at the conclusion of the race.
The MSRXSS will next be in action at Kalamazoo Speedway in Kalamazoo, MI July 14 for the ' Must See Racing 50 '. Brain Gerster is the defending champion of the race.
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1.   Jimmy McCune
2.   Dave Baumgartner
3.   Mike Larrison
4.   Aaron Pierce
5.   Jacob Wilson
6.   Brian Gerster
7.   Jo Jo Helberg
8.   Troy DeCaire
9.   Jason Cox
10. Brian Olson
11. Sondi Eden
12. Jerry Caryer
13. Jeff Bloom
14. Tim Cox


July 5, 2012 - Tioga Center, NY - Aaron Pierce finally had Lady Luck give him a break and captured his first TRUFUEL Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series (MSRXSS) win of 2012 Thursday night at Shangri-La II Speedway.
Until Thursday night's victory, Pierce had experienced several tough breaks to start his 2012 MSRXSS season. Several crashes and DNF's had left the Daleville, IN driver frustrated to say the least. In victory lane Pierce explained what a confidence booster his first win of 2012 was. "This win tonight gives us a little momentum. I've been a little discouraged with all the bad luck lately. If we can get it (car) this good for Saturday, they've (competitors) got a problem".
The MSRXSS made its first visit into the Northeastern part of the country Thursday night for the first of two races in the state of New York. The traveling 410 c.i. winged pavement series was greeted by a very large crowd. The series will visit Oswego Speedway Saturday night for the second and final night of the New York swing.
Jo Jo Helberg got the excitement rolling early when he set a new track record on the 1/2 mile concrete/paved oval. Helberg clicked off a lap of 14.243 seconds (126.378 mph) to etch his name in the history books.
Heat race wins went to Brian Olson, Jason Cox, and Hank Lower.
Pole sitter Jimmy McCune got the jump and lead the opening 19 laps. Pierce realized that none of the other cars were running the bottom part of the track and decided to try it out since it was left wide open. Pierce began working his way to the front and eventually made the pass for the lead on lap 19 and never looked back. Jimmy McCune finished second followed by Jacob Wilson, Jason Cox, and Jo Jo Helberg rounding out the top five.  " I started running the bottom because it was the only place I could get air on the wing" Pierce explained in victory lane."The car was phenomenal over the bumps.Some guys were having trouble getting over the bumps but our car was glued".
Pierce acknowledged the huge crowd and the excitement level throughout the night that the MSRXSS brought. "I really like this place and hope we come back.Its rough and you really have to have your stuff right to win here" concluded Pierce.
The series will head to Oswego Speedway Saturday for a joint show with the ISMA Supermodifieds as part of the annual ' King of Wings ' event. The first-ever appearance of winged 410 c.i. sprints to Oswego will have added excitement with the possibility of a new track record. The MSRXSS has been dubbed the ' Fastest Short Track Cars In The World '. The series has set new track records at six of the seven events thus far in 2012.
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Feature Finish-30 Laps

1.26p   Aaron Pierce
2.88    Jimmy McCune
3.07    Jacob Wilson
4.40    Jason Cox
5.7      Jo Jo Helberg
6.41    Brian Olson
7.55    Dave Baumgartner
8.26b  Jeff Bloom
9.51    Mike Larrison
10. 75c Jerry Caryer
11. 81   Sondi Eden (DNF)
12. 4    Tim Cox (DNF)
13. 2    Larry Austin (DNF)
14. 5    Troy DeCaire (DNF)
15. 37   Hank Lower (DNS)


July 3, 2012 - Clio, MI - Brian Gerster became the first TRUFUEL Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series (MSRXSS) multiple feature winner of 2012 Tuesday night at Auto City Speedway in Clio, MI.
Gerster captured the 3rd annual ' Must See Twin 20's ' event for the second consecutive year. Gerster's win was his second consecutive with the series in 2012 after winning the last time out on June 9 at Lucas Oil Raceway Park in Indianapolis. His victory busted up a string of five different winners to start the 2012 season.
The highly popular ' Must See Twin 20's ' featured a unique format and was greeted by a large crowd despite threatening rain earlier in the day. In addition to heat races, drivers were to run one of  two twenty lap qualifying races that would set the field for the twenty lap feature event.
Jo Jo Helberg bested twenty other competitors to capture the night's fastest qualifying time when he turned a lap of 13.212 seconds. Helberg was unable to lower the track record and broke a string of five consecutive outings where a track record had been set at 2012 MSRXSS events dating back to the opener April 13 at Five Flags Speedway.
Brian Gerster and Mike Larrison won each of their qualifying races to earn front row starting positions for the feature event. Larrison lead the opening lap but quickly surrendered the lead back to Gerster by the second go around. Gerster continued to lead Larrison and Jacob Wilson until the race went yellow for the first time on lap 14 for a slowed Larrison. When the green flag flew again, Jimmy McCune got past Wilson and set sail for Gerster until another yellow flew on lap 19 bunching up the field and giving McCune one last chance at Gerster. Gerster was able to hold off McCune for his fifth career MSRXSS victory in only eight starts.
The MSRXSS now prepares for a trip to the state of New York for races Thursday July 5 at Shangri-La II and Oswego Speedway Saturday night July 7. It will be the furthest east the series has traveled in its short history.
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1.   Brian Gerster
2.   Jimmy McCune
3.   Jacob Wilson
4.   Brian Olson
5.   Jason Cox
6.   Jo Jo Helberg
7.   Sondi Eden
8.   Hank Lower
9.   Ryan Litt
10. Kyle Flint
11. Donnie Adams Jr.
12. Kyle Feeney
13. Jerry Caryer
14. Bill Tyler
15. Dave Baumgartner
16. Bobby Santos III
17. Aaron Pierce
18. Mike Larrison
19. Jeff Bloom
20. Kevin Feeney
DNS Ryan Gillenwater